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OTES on the Go 1 or 2 now works on a Windows 8 or 10 and Macintosh Computers

To use OTES on the Go on your computer you will need to have FileMaker Pro 14 or greater installed. If you do not have FileMaker Pro you can download a trial at FileMaker Download. You can either download a 32 bit or 64 bit version of FileMaker Pro for your Windows computer. You should download the version that matches the version of Outlook you are using. If you are using a 32 bit version of Outlook, then download the 32 bit version of FileMaker Pro. If you are using 64 bit Outlook, then download the 64 bit version of FileMaker Pro. Outlook is used to directly email observations to teachers. If you don't have Outlook, you can still email observations by attaching a PDF to an email. On a Mac OTES on the Go works with Apple Mail. OTES on the Go will not automatically attach PDFs to web mail. You will need to manually attach the PDF.

After FileMaker Pro is installed, tap the download OTES on the Go 2 link to save the zipped install_otes_2 file to your device. Choose to save the file instead of open when downloading. Extract the OTES_otg_2.fmp12 file from the downloaded zipped file to use the program. Do not try to use or open the OTES_otg_2 file while it is still in the zipped file. You must copy if from the zipped file or extract it from the zipped file to your computer. Once this is done, open the OTES_otg_2 file to use the program.