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Behavior Tracker on the Go- The best student observation solution
• Tracker multiple student observations over time
• Frequency observations for groups of students or an individual student
• Duration observations for a student and a peer
• Interval observations
• Narrative observations
• Graph all observations
• iPad and iPhone versions

Download Behavior Tracker on the Go to Directions

You must have FileMaker Go 15 or 16 installed on your iPad to use this solution. If you don't have FileMaker Go installed on your iPhone/iPad, FileMaker Go 15 is a free app on the iTunes App store. After installing FileMaker Go 15, the App will open with a tour of FileMaker Go. If you want to close the tour, tap on the circle icon or folder in the upper left corner and select Close File.
Download FileMaker Go 16

Attention IOS 10 users: There appears to be a conflict with iOS 10 and FileMaker Go 14 that might cause the app to crash for some users or for FileMaker Go 13 to not register properly. If this issue is happening on your iPad, the solution is to use FileMaker Go 15. Click for directions on how to transfer a file to FileMaker Go 15 from FileMaker 14.

Tap to Download Behavior Tracker on the Go to your iPad/iPhone

1. Tap the download link for Behavior Tracker on the Go (this may take a few seconds to download)
2. After the file downloads, tap Open in "FileMaker..." to install the file
3. Follow the on screen installation directions

Tap to download or open the Behavior Tracker help PDF