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Ohio PE Evaluation on the Go 4.0v2
Revised with the 2016-17 standards
•Generate the required ODE report
•Track evaluations at a fraction of the time needed to complete the ODE Excel spreadsheet
•No typing required to enter data; Fill down and across options
•Import students (improved for 2016-17)
•Store individual notes for a student (new for 2016-17)
•Bring up standards and criteria directly on your screen (new for 2016-17)
•Available for K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12 grade level bands
•Each band is $25 per school year per each teacher
•Export data to Excel
•Omit students from EMIS report
•Omit benchmarks from EMIS report
•Lock individual benchmarks
•Fill a complete benchmark option with a default
•Use on an iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac or PC

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You must have FileMaker Go 15 or 16 installed on your iPad to use this solution. If you don't have FileMaker Go installed on your iPhone/iPad, FileMaker Go 15 is a free app on the iTunes App store. After installing FileMaker Go 15, the App will open with a tour of FileMaker Go. If you want to close the tour, tap on the circle icon or folder in the upper left corner and select Close File.
2017-01-13_10-17-55Download FileMaker Go 16

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Ohio PE Evaluation on the Go 4.0v2 iPad/iPhone new installation only. Updates can be found further down the page.
Download solutions directly to your iPad/iPhone/iPod by tapping the appropriate link(FileMaker Go must first be installed)

Ohio P.E. Eval K-2

Ohio P.E. Eval 3-5

Ohio P.E. Eval 6-8

Ohio P.E. Eval 9-12

PC/Mac Download Ohio P.E. Eval 4.0v2 (download only to your computer)
PE Eval on the Go Windows Version (does not require FileMaker Pro)
Click to download
1. Download the file to you computer.
2. Open the zip and drag the PE Evaluation on the Go folder to your desktop (or whatever location you want the program)
3. Open the folder and click on the PE Evaluation on the Go.exe to open the program
4. Warning: do not try to open the program while it is contained in the zip. It must be copied or extracted from the zip.

PE Eval on the Go Macintosh Version (does not require FileMaker Pro)( Mac OSX 10.9 or greater)
Click to download install_pe_eval.dmg
1. This will download a file named install_pe_eval.dmg
2. Open this dmg file and drag the PE Evaluation on the Go folder to your desktop
(If you get an error message that says the program "can't be opened because it wasn't downloaded from the Mac App Store," right-click the downloaded file and select Open.)
3. Double click the PE Evaluation on the Go app inside of this folder
4. Warning: do not try to open the program while it is contained in the dmg file. It must be copied or extracted from the zip.

PE Eval iPhone/iPad UPDATE (4.0v2)
(This update corrects a bug with the Generate Totals option. This bug didn't affect the ODE numbers. This update will update 4.0v1 to 4.0v2)
Update Directions:
It is highly recommended to restart your iPad before running an update. This clears out potential memory problems that could cause problems during updating that might result in a loss of data. Only download the updater if you have restarted your iPad first. Tap on the appropriate update download.
After the file downloads, tap Open in "FileMaker..." to install the file. Follow the onscreen directions.

PE Eval K-2 Update download

PE Eval 3-5 Update download

PE Eval 6-8 Update download (corrects display issue with 3B)

PE Eval 9-12 Update download

You can easily access the Standard description and criteria from within the program

Practical Solutions For Educators attended the 5 hour training session for the new standards
This video still has the 6 standards (last years) but the program you download has the revised 5 standards.