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Special EdNet Pro New Forms (September 2018 IEP revisions)

Special EdNet Pro (14.3v3) has been updated in Oct 2019 with the recent improvements to the program.
This update requires an update code to run. Contact Practical Solutions For Educators at 937-642-7755 or to get your update code. Your annual maintenance must be current for the 2019-20 school year to receive your code.

Download FileMaker 12 thru 18 version update patch (FileMaker 12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19 version ONLY) (10-22-2020)

Download FileMaker 9 through 11 version update patch (9-21-2019)


1. Close all of the files on the server with the FileMaker Server Admin

2. Make a backup copy of the data files in the Special EdNet folder found in the Databases folder. Save this backup copy for an extended period of time.

3. Rename the following files:

New_Special_Ed to oldNew_Special_Ed
IEP_writer to oldIEP_writer
ETR_writer to oldETR_writer
Semanage to oldSemanage

4. Place the unzipped updated files into the Special EdNet folder on the server with the other data files. All files must be in the same folder. If FileMaker Pro is not installed on the server. you will need to move the files to a computer that has FileMaker Pro installed to run the update.
You should not be prompted to replace or copy over a file at any point in the copying/moving files process. If you are prompted, cancel because something is renamed incorrectly.

5. Open the Update_files and click the Update Special Ed Program button. NEVER Click this button twice. If you do, you might end up with duplicate data.

6. You might also receive a network error when the files open. You can disregard the error. Also disregard any error messages about sharing the file across the network or file sharing error.

7. After updating remove the files beginning with old and Update_files from the Special EdNet folder and Databases folder.

8. Reopen the files with the FileMaker Server Admin

9. There are certain files that are no longer needed to use Special EdNet Pro. It is recommended to delete these file so they no longer take up disk space or resources. The files (.fp7 or .fmp12) to remove are:
Special Ed_PS