Practical Solutions For Educators

Specializing in FileMaker Go Solutions for the iPad and iPhone

Advantages of using Special EdNet Pro instead of the “State” IEP solutions include:

• Optimized for an iPad
• Can sign IEPs directly on the iPad
• easier navigation and more user friendly
• spend less time writing IEPs
• ability to customize value lists and checkboxes
• many auto-entry options
• flexible printing when printing long items (i.e., profile or goals requiring multiple pages)
• integration of ETR data when writing IEPs and IEP data when writing ETRs
• ability to print an IEP at a Glance that includes goals, objectives, services, modifications and accommodations
• customizable goal and objective banks that insert personalized goals/objectives into the IEP
• timely updates to form changes (updated forms are always available before competing programs have
their forms available, usually two weeks or less after new forms are released)
• training, support and development by a former special educator
• superior progress reports, feedback/data collection forms and graph creation
• print summary of all present levels
• print IEP as a Service Plan
• enter services on the goal page and view/edit Profile section on the goal page
• view progress report on the goal page layout
• add local forms to the IEP Writer, MFE Writer and Special Ed Manager
• yearly changes made to the program based on user suggestions
• create custom reports with the Special Ed Manager
• easily create summary of test accommodations reports for state testing
• email and PDF integration
• integration of content standards
• spell check as you type
• easily create and modify team members for IEPs and ETRs
• print calendars that include student IEP/MFE due dates
• automatic page numbering
• delete an objective or goal and have the program automatically renumber objectives
• reorder the goal order
• create graph and documentation form linked to the goals and objective
• complete the whole transition and services page with user define pop up menus
• improved IEP at a Glance form (related services, modifications and accommodations will print at top of the form)
• new modification/accommodations summary page
• ability to copy a graphic to the evaluation page

• send updated classlists to all teachers with one click off the mouse
• easily compile testing accommodations for state testing
• multiple short cuts for creating ETR summary pages
• view past ETR part 1 pages when working on a current Part 1 page
• view present levels and progress report when working on ETR Part 1 page
• accessible from an iPhone, iPod and iPad