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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. My district is an Option 1 district and I have to enter all the observation data into eTPES. Can OTES on the Go help me?

OTES on the Go now has an option to log into eTPES directly from OTES on the Go. You can use all of the great features in OTES on the Go to enter your observations. Then easily copy the data from OTES on the Go into eTPES. This also gives you the option to do your observations offline and transfer the data to eTPES when you have a WiFi connection. You can also export all of the data to a text file that can be used to copy the data to eTPES.

2. I’m not a very good typist and I prefer to hand write my observations. How can OTES on the Go benefit me?

OTES on the Go actually works very well if you hand write observations. You can use the microphone option on the iPad keyboard to dictate the written observation into OTES on the Go. Then you can take advantage of all of the great features in OTES on the Go.

3. Can OTES on the Go be used just on a computer?

Yes, if you have FileMaker Pro 14 or greater installed on the computer. You can download a trial version of FileMaker Pro at
Download Trial
The OTES on the Go file can be downloaded at
Download OTES

4. I’m worried about losing all of my data if something happens to my iPad. What can I do to prevent this?

You can easily send a copy of the OTES_otg file that contains all of your data to another storage location. If something happens to your iPad, you can reinstall the copied file with all of your data. The procedures on how to make a copy of the OTES_otg file are covered in the OTES on the Go Help. Your district could also use the network version of OTES on the Go which does not store any data on the iPad.

5. I use the network version of OTES on the Go. How can I work on OTES on the Go if I don’t have a WiFi connection?

OTES on the Go now has the ability to transfer an observation from the standalone version of the program to the network version of the program. So when you don’t have a WiFi connection you could work on the standalone version and transfer it to the network when you have a WiFi connection.

6. Occasionally I will do an observation of two teachers team teaching. Can I copy the observation into another observation?

There is now an option in OTES on the Go to copy and transfer an observation or walkthrough to another observation or walkthrough.

7. How can I work on by iPad or iPhone and my computer?

If you use the network version of OTES on the Go, you can use an iPhone, iPad and computer to enter data.

8. Should I rate everything I observe with the OTES Rubric?

This is up to the user but it is recommended to rate items that you think are significant to the observation.

9. Occasionally the program doesn’t work as expected. What can I do about this?

When the program doesn’t work as expected it is recommended to restart the iPad. A restart of the iPad usually will correct a majority of the problems you might have with the program. Another option is to check the website ( to see if you have the latest update to the program. Updates include new features and bug fixes. An update can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad from the website.

10. Can district specific forms be added to OTES on the Go?

OTES on the Go has an option to use custom district specific forms. Contact Practical Solutions For Educators for more information on adding district specific forms to OTES on the Go.

11. Can I use both OTES 1 and OTES2?

Yes you can use both versions and your license allows you to use both versions at no additional cost.