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Specializing in FileMaker Go Solutions for the iPad and iPhone

After tapping the blue Download SLO on the Go link, the download process will start. A little gear will spin in the upper left corner to indicate the file is being downloaded if you are using iOS 7. If you are using iOS 6 you will see a blue progress bar through the web address field. The download should take around 10 to 20 seconds but might take longer due to slow internet speeds. After the file downloads, click Open in FileMaker to finish the download process. FileMaker Go 12 or 13 must be installed from the App store on your iPad before you can successfully download SLO on the Go.

Download SLO on the Go (iPad version)

SLO on the Go help PDF

SLO on the Go is also available for a PC or Mac

Download Windows version

Download Mac version (requires OS 10.6 or greater)