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Special EdNet Pro Update Patch (10.1v2 or 13.2)

This is the update patch for the 2017-18 school year and is for the multi and single versions of Special EdNet Pro.

New IEP/ETR Forms update is available at
New Forms Update

Download FileMaker 8 thru 11 update patch (FileMaker Pro 8 thru 11 version) 8-25-2016

Download FileMaker 12 thru 16 update patch (FileMaker 12/13/14/15/16 version ONLY!) 8-31-2017


1. Close all of the files on the server with the FileMaker Server Admin

2. Make a backup copy of the data files in the Special EdNet folder found in the Databases folder. Save this backup copy for an extended period of time.

3. Rename the following files:

New_Special_Ed to oldNew_Special_Ed
IEP_writer to oldIEP_writer
ETR_writer to oldETR_writer
Semanage to oldSemanage

4. Place the unzipped updated files into the Special EdNet folder on the server with the other data files. All files must be in the same folder. If FileMaker Pro is not installed on the server. you will need to move the files to a computer that has FileMaker Pro installed to run the update.
You should not be prompted to replace or copy over a file at any point in the copying/moving files process. If you are prompted, cancel because something is renamed incorrectly.

5. Open the Update_files and click the Update Special Ed Program button. NEVER Click this button twice. If you do, you might end up with duplicate data.

6. You might also receive a network error when the files open. You can disregard the error. Also disregard any error messages about sharing the file across the network or file sharing error.

7. After updating remove the files beginning with old and Update_files from the Special EdNet folder and Databases folder.

8. Reopen the files with the FileMaker Server Admin

9. There are certain files that are no longer needed to use Special EdNet Pro. It is recommended to delete these file so they no longer take up disk space or resources. The files (.fp7 or .fmp12) to remove are:
Special Ed_PS

Changes in 13.1v3
Updated EMIS page
Fixed bugs with the new view

Changes in 13.1v2
EMIS update (SEMD)
Improved iPad/New view
PDF all IEPs
PDF all ETRs

Changes in 13.1v1
EMIS update
Data Collection Module in the progress report

Changes in 12.1v2 and 10.0v7
added NIEP to iep and semanage

Changes in 12.1v1
IEP and ETR fully optimized to work with FileMaker Go 13 on the iPad
Added Prior Written Notices to the IEP and ETR
Updated EMIS form

Changes in 10.0v5 or 12.0v5
Updated EMIS to include IISP and RISP
Added ability to create multiple defaults for the Prior Written Notice form
Added the ability to insert a Scholarship notice into the Other Info field on the IEP front page

Changes in 10.0v3
Added AIEP emis code

Changes in 10.0v2
Added Scholarship letter

Changes in 10.0v1 or 12.0v1
Added an extra invitation page
Added an extra prior written notice
The SOP now has expandable fields
Incorporated GPS-IEP checklists
Integrated IEP goals and ETR on Page 7 of the IEP
Can export goals from the IEP list
Integrate goals with the Student Folio iPad App
Can now archive a list of students
Watermark Draft on front page
Print Confidential on the front page
Updated front page to match May 22, 2012 update
Updated planning pages to match May 22, 2012 update
Print Confidential on the front page
Corrected a problem with generating EMIS reports
Added a next year grade field to Main page
Added next year grade and building to custom lists

Changes in 9.3v3
Added the CNGT EMIS code back to all programs
Added the OP-6 optional progress report form
Added the ability to change the font size of the progress report
Added exporting goal banks
Fixed a problem with not all of the demographic data not duplicating properly
Updated the instructions on the front page of the ETR

Changes in 9.3v2
Updated the latest EMIS codes
Changes in 9.3v1
•Optimized program to work on an iPad using FileMaker Go
•IEPs can now be signed on an iPad and the signature will be embedded into the form on the server
•added the last ETR date from the ETR Writer to the front page
•added an additional information field to the front page
•added a personal log for users to document events for students
•can now view the etr evaluation pages from the profile page
•can now view data entered on the ETR EMIS page and ETR front page on the IEP EMIS page
•changed date to 2012-12 on the EMIS form
•added (testing, record review, waiver) checkboxes to the RETR section of the EMIS form
•the meeting participant can use FileMaker Go on an iPad to sign this page.
•goals and objectives can now be exported from the progress report
•changed the print all progress reports option to automatically determine if the form needs to be printed with 4 or 8 columns
•All IEP at a Glances can be printed from the accounts preference section
•All IEP progress reports can be printed from the accounts preference section
•improved the spacing when using tabs in a field
•added 5 more storage boxes to Basis For Eligibility Determination
•added (testing, record review, waiver) checkboxes to the RETR section of the EMIS Form
•Coming this Fall:
•ability to create scripted narratives in the Part 1 section
•personal log feature that was added to the IEP program
•added the teacher name from the most recent IEP to the main screen in the SEM
•State reports will now only generate from the active list of students

Changes in 9.2v4
•Fixed a problem with changing the format in the objective fields
•Can now change users on a locked IEP
•Can now archive a locked IEP

•Added PDF print to the EMIS forms
-fixed problem with pop up lists on preschool planning page

Changes in 9.2v3
•Added the ability to add a ten line statement to every signature page (useful for medicaid signature)
*Fixed a problem with adding new rows to a progress report
•Added PDF button to extra forms
•Corrected a problem with viewing progress reports on the goal pages
•Added extra data fields to the testing page
•Corrected problem with page break printing for Filemaker 11 users

•Corrected problem with page break printing for Filemaker 11 users

Changes in 9.2

•Add the ability to import and export students
•Fixed a problem with tabs lining up proper on printed Part 1 pages (corrected problem with tables)
•Fixed problem with going from the Prior Written Notice to Planning
•Added a PDF print button to the Planning page

•Add 5 more rows to accommodations and modification default pop up lists
•Increase print size of the Other Info field on the front page
•Added ability to print Amendment page from the Print Layout
•Updated the EMIS codes
•Added an LRE worksheet to the EMIS page
•Can now copy a transition page and paste it to another IEP
•The list now indicates if there is a progress report and when it was last modified

•Fixed a problem with setting the CNST on the ETR layout
•Updated EMIS codes
•Added ability to view the IEP Testing page data
•Fixed a problem with modifying IEP/ETR team members
•Can now complete Invitation and Prior Written Notice from the SEM

Changes in 9.1v2

•Added ability to hide the scrolling navigation list of students
•Add a Select all button on the print layout
•Added ability to print the ETR in a larger font
•Added more buttons to go to extra forms and Planning form
•Added sort at start up option
•Fixed problem with remove user name button
•Added a new Summary feature for the ETR
•Added default settings for the ETR Part 1
•Text is now justified
•Fixed problem with pages numbering properly

•Fixed problem with pages numbering properly
•Added a new Display view for the goal pages
•Fixed add to goal bank button
•Added Specially Designed Instruction to IEP at a Glance
•Added frequency and amount to IEP at a Glance
•Added more explanations to the EMIS page
• Corrected problem with PDF services page when no services were added
•Increased size of objectives fields
• Corrected a problem with the print all progress reports button
•Fixed problem with Defaults weeks for methods and frequency
•Corrected the wording on the invitation page (changed difference to different)
•Previously added ability to renumber goals
•Previously added a new documentation form

•Added County field
•Fixed problem with outcome for ETR on ETR page
•Corrected issues with generating the GE and GQ reports
•Corrected a potential problem with the Update from IEP EMIS button
•Added SEM help
•Previously added a Web Browser and custom menus