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Concessions on the Go (1.0v1) the easiest most efficient way to manage your concessions
Sell up to 50 different items
•Customize for your concession stand
•Generate auditing reports for each event
•Track inventory
•Optimized for the iPad. Requires no typing for the concession workers
•Automatically totals sales and determines amount of money to refund
•Low annual license - $100.00

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You must have FileMaker Go 14 or 15 (FileMaker Go 15 is highly recommended if you are using iOS 10) installed on your iPad to use this solution. If you don't have FileMaker Go installed on your iPhone/iPad, FileMaker Go 15 is a free app on the iTunes App store. After installing FileMaker Go 15, the App will open with a tour of FileMaker Go. If you want to close the tour, tap on the circle icon or folder in the upper left corner and select Close File.
Download FileMaker Go 15

Attention IOS 10 users: There appears to be a conflict with iOS 10 and FileMaker Go 14 that might cause the app to crash for some users or for FileMaker Go 13 to not register OTES on the Go properly. If this issue is happening on your iPad, the solution is to use FileMaker Go 15.

Download a free extended trial version directly to your iPad (FileMaker Go 15 must first be installed ).

Tap to Download Concessions on the Go to your iPad (install_concessions.fmp12)